5 Secrets To Building A Successful 3D Printing Business...

The 5 Secrets To Success…

Follow these actions to build and grow your business.

Secret #3

Choose Your Niche

While it is possible to make money just printing and selling a random collection of items. In order to make a reliable income and stand out from the crowd, you should choose 1 or more niches and design items to serve those people. The more you can niche down into a specific audience the more value your products will have and the more you will make. The riches are in the niches!

Secret #1

Choose a 3D Printer

In order to run a profitable 3D printing business, you need multiple 3D printers. How many should you have? This depends on the items you choose to sell but I would suggest anywhere between 10 and 20 for a part time business and 20+ for a full time one. Fear not however, there is a way to build your print farm step by step using profits from your sales.

Secret #4

Choose Your Sales Channels

Online or offline there are numerous ways to sell your items. While this depends upon your specific niche there are some channels that are pretty much essential and others that you may not have thought of. Try diving into your niche and finding out where your audience hangs out.

Secret #2

Learn to Design Your Own Items.

One sure fire way to not be successful is to rely on printing other peoples designs that you can find online. Despite the fact that many of these will be copyrighted anyway, even if you did find an item that was profitable, it won’t be long before others notice this and start undercutting you. If you take the time to learn to design your own items then only you will ever have these items for sale.

Secret #5

Show Your Product to Your Niche

You have designed something to solve their issue or that they would love to buy. Now it’s time to show it to them. If you have done your reseach properly then they will be interested in your product and just need to know where to get it. If possible, record a video of you using it. Show it on social media, don’t sell it, let them ask you where to get it.

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