About us

Aeroform 3D was created due to the lack of good online training at an affordable price. 

Our instructors are all current CAD engineers and designers in the real with years of experience in a variety of disciplines.

Aeroform 3D was created by after it became apparent that many new users in the workplace had been taught outdated techniques and skills that were no longer applicable. 

CAD software is constantly evolving, however, colleges, instruction manuals and some online tuition continue to teach outdated methods. Even if you are only using CAD in a non-working environment, a professional approach should be maintained as you may need to provide files for manufacture or an estimate at some point. This will also encourage good habits from the beginning. 

Here at Aeroform 3D we teach the methods that our instructors are using day in and day out in a variety of industries.

If you want to learn the techniques sought after and in use today, without all the unnecessary and outdated commands other courses use to pad out their content then sign up today. 

We at Aeroform 3D are committed to getting you up & running fast in your chosen software and supporting you, in your journey to becoming a CAD expert.
We look forward to welcoming you.

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