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Frequently Asked Questions

Although we have been teaching thousands of students over many years, this has been done via other websites. Now we have created this new website of our own we want to get people enrolled here to build a community. As a result our courses are currently very low priced but will increase in the future.

All our courses are in the form of online video training and all the videos will be available to you once you have enrolled. 

All our courses come with lifetime access so you can enroll now and take the course later if you so wish.

With CAD software costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds it is not realistic to expect to receive the software. Most CAD packages however allow a 30 Day Free trail which is more than enough to take one of our courses.

Here at Aeroform3D we are against all forms of piracy so please don’t ask us to help you get pirated CAD software. 

Thank you for your interest in our FREE STL file.

To enable you to receive the latest files as well as all updates we require an email address to send them to. You will then receive automatic updates as well as hearing about other new releases. We promise never to sell or pass on your details. 

Please let us know where to send your STL file  below.