Fusion 360 Complete Course

Complete Beginners Course

This course is designed for those interested in using FREE Fusion 360 software to create complex 3D models or assemblies for 3D printing, automated manufacturing, CNC, as well as steel fabrication and woodworking projects.

What You'll Learn From Our Autodesk Fusion 360  Complete Beginners Course: 

It's also great for people who want to refresh or update their Fusion 360 skills.

  • How to model at a professional level with Fusion 360
  • How to turn your ideas into 3D designs
  • How to assemble components and make them move
  • How to apply realistic materials to your designs
  • Where to get thousands of ready-made parts and components
  • How to test fitment & clashing of your prototypes
  • How to present your designs with photo-realistic images
  • How to create animations of your finished design
  • How to 3D print your designs
  • How to produce a file to send to a manufacturer

This course has over 7 hours of valuable training that will take you from complete beginner (literally from finding and downloading the software) to output of your own finished designs for production. Scroll down to see the full syllabus and meet the instructor!

All Courses Include:

  • Self-paced learning. Easily pause, rewind, or jump ahead as needed.
  • Theoretical training paired with project-based examples and challenges. 
  • Access to our interactive student community where you can troubleshoot, show off designs, and compare notes!
  • 24/7 support from an actual instructor to answer your individual questions.
  • Lifetime access to course materials.

The Reviews Are In!

 "Fantastic lessons, highly recommend. Better than the CAD class that I am enrolled in at the local educational institution. These lessons definitely fill in the learning gaps and hurdles I have had learning CAD. I wish I had of found these lessons sooner. Very methodical with excellent, clear and concise explanations. Thankyou!"

Melissa Bennett

"The tone and engaging way the entire course was delivered is excellent. I have learnt a lot and purchased your advance course..cant wait to dive into this...Back from the lockout i will be surprising a lot of my coworkers....Thank you so much May you have all the Blessings to do what you plan to do,im sure it will help a big group of people....Appreciate & thank you Sir."

Allwyn Dcosta

"The instructor provided good, clear instructions on how to utilise the AutoCAD software, and focused more on the basic tools needed to be learned rather than overwhelming the viewer with useless information. Very good course, would recommend for beginners with little to no experience in CAD software."

Michael Miwa

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Full Curriculum :
The Autodesk Fusion 360 Complete Beginners Course includes 56 modules that are designed to take you from beginner to project mastery over 7+ hours of professional instruction..

 01 Introduction

Overview of Fusion 360 
 02 What is Fusion 360
 03 How to get the Fusion 360 Software
 04 Navigating and View Commands
 05 Interface

Basic 3D Modelling in Fusion 360 
 06 Basic Modelling Tools 01
 07 Basic Modelling Tools 02
 08 Extruding 01
 09 Extruding 02
 10 Extruding 03
 11 Revolve
 12 Sweep
 13 Loft

Sketching in Fusion 360 
 14 Sketching 01
 15 Sketching 02
 16 Sketching 03
 17 Sketching 04
 18 Sketching 05

Further 3D Modelling Techniques
 19 Fillets and Chamfers 01
 20 Fillets and Chamfers 02
 21 Holes and threads 01
 22 Holes and threads 02
 23 Patterns 01
 24 Patterns 02
 25 Patterns 03

Creating Your First Part 
 26 Brake Disc Model 01
 27 Brake Disc Model 02

More Modelling Techniques
 28 PressPull
 29 Shell
 30 More Modify Tools
 31 Move Copy
 32 Boolean

Model Management 
 33 Materials
 34 Assemblies Components and Bodies
 35 Starting a Project Correctly

Designing a Workbench in Fusion 360 
 36 Workbench 01
 37 Workbench 02
 38 Workbench 03
 39 Workbench 04
 40 Workbench 05

Working with Joints
 41 Joints 01
 42 Joints 02
 43 Joints 03
 44 Joints 04

Inserting Objects 
 45 Inserts 01
 46 Inserts 02
 47 Inserts 03
 48 Inserts 04

Outputting Your Designs 
 49 Drawing Sheets 01
 50 Drawing Sheets 02
 51 Drawing Sheets 03
 52 Image Render 01
 53 Image Render 02
 54 Animation
 55 3D Printing Your Design

Summing Up
 56 Summing Up

Instructor: Mike Freeman

Mike has over 25 years experience as a Draughtsman & CAD Designer in a wide variety of disciplines. After starting on a drawing board learning traditional drafting skills he was there to  witness the introduction of CAD software into the industry.

Originally starting on the very basic AutoCAD release 10 He has used every version of AutoCAD since as well as adding various other CAD software applications to his skill set. This has given him a unique insight into how best to utilise these great tools in the real world environment.

"I look forward to helping you get started and working  with you over the course of your development."

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